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Tradition has it that 200 years ago, a chimney sweep saved the life of King George III by stopping his runaway horses and carriage (a yapping dog had startled the horses).  The King was so thankful that he took off his hat and bowed to the humble chimney sweep in gratitude for him having saved the King's life.

Today, seeing a chimney sweep on your wedding day is considered extremely lucky and many couples choose to have one of them attend their wedding for a handshake for the groom and a lucky kiss for the bride.  In fact, even the Royal Family have continued the tradition!  When the Queen married Prince Philip, a chimney sweep was ushered into Buckingham Palace and the Prince was seen to shake his hand.  Although, it is not known whether the chimney sweep actually did kiss the Queen!

Booking a Wedding Sweep should be a surprise for the bride and groom.  It should ideally be booked by the parents, best man, or bridesmaids.  It's a lovely surprise for the happy couple coming out of the church, makes great wedding photos and the bride and groom will be presented with a bottle of bubbly, a love scroll, a handmade wedding card, a lucky charm broach, and their lucky bottle of genuine soot!